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The Coffin

La locandina del film The Coffin

Titolo Originale:
The Coffin

Regia di:
Mickey M. Bonura, Daniel Ingraham

Soggetto e Sceneggiatura di:
Mickey M. Bonura, Daniel Ingraham,

Attori protagonisti:
Jason Carter, Scott Schwartz, Faouzi Brahimi, Shawn Ramagos, Brinke Stevens, Maria Grazia Cucinotta



Riassunto della Trama:
In a small southern town, in 1872, a woman by the name of Clairesse La Vay was accused, tried and convicted of being a witch. She was put to death for her alleged crime by being buried alive, in a pine box coffin, in hallowed ground. Clairesse died a slow agonizing death. In 1983, the town was long gone, and all that remained were the old graveyard and the ruins of the church. A documentary filmmaker and his crew arrived to make a documentary about "the witch who was buried alive." After a series of bizarre, twisted events, the coffin was dug up, Clairesse was brought back to life, the filmmaker and three of his crew-members were dead, one crew-member was insane, and Clairesse and the coffin had disappeared. The cursed coffin continued to wreak havoc where ever and when ever it showed up. In 1986, in Louisiana, it caused a lot of grief for several young boys and a hearse with devastating results. Soon afterwords, a group of young people discovered that their dear friend was no longer who she appeared to be after she encountered the coffin on a lonely night. Years later the coffin raised an army of the living dead, in the spillway outside of New Orleans, as a young couple stumbled upon a satanic rite of the damned. In 1999, a vampire had taken up residence in the coffin, which was kept in a self-storage unit. Things got interesting when the third shift employees discovered it. Only one survived the encounter. Or did she? Once again, the coffin was drawn to the spillway outside of New Orleans, and it unleashed the fury of a werewolf on five unsuspecting friends. In the present, an old bayou hermit called Mad Jake relates these events to a young girl, Bobbie Sue.

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